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Alessandro Dagioni

Perugia, Italy

- Bio -

Raised by a stylist for Italy’s top fashion houses, Alessandro Dagioni spent his childhood amidst billows of fabric, spindles of thread, long-legged models and yards of measuring tape, plus the occasional gelato with icons like Krizia and Trussardi. By the time he could draw he was already designing his own clothes, sketches his mom dutifully fine-tuned and turned into outfits he could wear.

First for fun, then for hobby, and today a full-time career, Alessandro’s passion for haute couture skyrocketed during his years of classical studies where he found inspiration for his designs in Greek mythology and ancient Rome. Linearity and symmetrical shapes, like the straight lines of a pillar or edge of a shield, characterize his custom leather jackets, aptly named for three Etruscan gods: Menerva, Uni and Tinia (hence, MUT). Even his Perugia-based production has been limited to an area the size of Etruria, land of the ancient Etruschi, in order to guarantee traceability and the authenticity of his 100% Made in Italy label.

Now approaching its 8th Collection, MUT brand jackets meld an ode to the past with Alessandro’s keen eye on contemporary fashion, and the result is nothing short of timeless.

“Clothing should elicit an emotion just like an artist’s painting, but then it has to go one step further by serving a function.” - Alessandro