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Casette D'Ete, Italy

- Bio -

If you’ve ever owned a pair of handmade Italian shoes, chances are they came from Le Marche. Famous for its footwear, the region boasts some of the world’s best artisan shoemakers who, like the Mecozzi family, have brought their trade into the 21st century thanks to a never-ending pursuit of innovation, unwavering dedication to quality and a whole lot of stick-to-itiveness.

Founded almost fifty years ago by Mariella and Domenico, the GianRos brand was named after their two children, Gianluca and Rosita. The siblings grew up in the workshop under their house with pieces of leather, scissors and, of course, shoes for toys, so it only seems natural that today they run the family business. Gianluca curates product and sales while Rosita takes care of operations, and while the company has grown to a staff of 15 and moved out of the house to a larger facility in Fermo, their close-knit mentality hasn’t changed, nor has their focus on quality.

Premium leather and finishing touches like hand-stitching make a difference you can feel as soon as you slip on a GianRos shoe. And if that model is a moccasin, the family’s first love and perpetual bestseller, you can bet its sole (and their soul) will put an added spring in your step.

“Today more than ever Made in Italy has a value, it has history.” - Gianluca