Life is bigger than the stuff with which you fill it. Objects mean nothing if they don’t evoke emotions, empower self-confidence, and create a deeper sense of self. At Rossi & Rei, we abandon the mass-produced, experience-lacking notions of luxury as they often have become, and instead reclaim luxury as the guilt-free, self-care you need and deserve to live a well-balanced and meaningful life.


There is no one in the world like you. But when it comes to fashion, everyone is expected to dress the same. We believe clothing should make you feel like yourself, not like everyone else. It’s why our artisans handcraft items specific to your individual needs. Their dedication to skilled craftsmanship, customizing each product ordered just for you, results in the beauty of allowing your unique identity to shine through your personal style.


Healthy luxury is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and being free to be yourself. We reject the notion of luxury being steeped in status and affluence; instead, we see luxury as a form of self-care paramount to how you feel when trying new experiences, scheduling “me-time,” and treating yourself to balanced living. In its purest form, luxury is good for you. You can feel your best–because most importantly, you deserve it.


The same way travel can be an escape, a path toward self-discovery, or a connection to a larger community, style can create a soulful experience that deepens your bond to your true self and to the bigger world that surrounds you. Rossi & Rei is a detox from formless style that makes you trade comfort for identity. Our goal is not simply to dress you, but instead to reveal the authentic you.


Throughout my childhood in Italy and most of my adult life, I’ve found that the objects surrounding me are filled with a certain energy. In 2011, I was living a busy life as a Silicon Valley executive. Like most busy women, I compromised a lot when it came to my style; athleisure became my unofficial uniform. Then one day my friend Veronica, a skilled milliner who moved to Paris to open her own atelier, gave me a gorgeous, custom-made hat. I was at Heathrow airport wearing my “travel uniform,” but something changed as I worked on my laptop beneath Veronica’s hat. I felt as though I had embraced a part of myself I had neglected for too long. It was then that Rossi & Rei was born. Working with hand-picked, skilled artisans to create personalized styles, I’m dedicated to helping women who, like me, no longer want to fit the mass-produced mold of fashion and instead want to evolve a truer sense of self through craftsmanship and connectedness.


Each one of our pieces is crafted with a story behind it: from the unique culture of the region it’s made in to the inimitable skills of the craftsmen who make it. We are honored to be able to share these stories with you.