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Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy

- Bio -

Four generations of family have dedicated their livelihood to growing Il Borgo into what it is today: the finest cashmere knitwear producer in all of Italy. Opened after World War II by great-grandmother Albertina, it began as a small shop specializing in gloves, hats and scarves in the Mugello region of Tuscany, and now produces an extensive range of knitwear for the world’s top luxury brands.

In 2008 Il Borgo opened its first storefront in Florence and the family refocused part of their energy on growing their own brand. This change in strategy has brought a new level of autonomy to the knitwear company and its 80 employees, more than half of whom work from home meticulously hand-stitching pieces one by one, which are later assembled on-site. “By bringing value to our own brand we assure the continuity of our team,” Elia notes, “and they are our strength.” The family’s investment in people and craftsmanship doesn’t stop there. In 2011 they initiated a training program designed to teach aspiring artisans the skills and techniques behind their trade with an eye on preserving the excellence of “Made in Italy” for other generations to come.

“We are who we are thanks to the technique and artistry of the people who work for us” - Elia