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Le Panier HandbagS

Acireale, Sicily

- Bio -

Le Panier is not made up your average Italian artisans. The founders believe in shaping the beauty of each product by hand and communicating the positive energy of their serene and uplifting environment through each handbag. Their company is full of modern artisans who infuse youthful energy, harmony, and skill to each product made especially for you. And their dedication to fine craftsmanship has paid off. In just three years, their demonstration of fine mastery in leather work has gained the attention of distinguished luxury brands throughout Italy. Le Panier now produces leather handbags and accessories directly for these Italian designers, and we’re happy they’ve found another home producing one-of-a-kind accessories specifically for the Rossi & Rei woman.
"The founders of Le Panier are a young, modern, and gifted crew from Sicily who have broken the mold of the traditional artisan archetype. They are now among some of the world’s most prestigious Italian luxury brands."