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LUPIN Gioielli

Città di Castello, Italy

- Bio -

With more than 30 years of expertise in gemology, you could say that Luca Rubini has literally left no stone unturned. Indeed, his global quest for unusual gems is like following tracks across a treasure map with “X marks the spot” inscribed on virtually every continent. From the precious to the semi-precious, his passion for gemstones of particular color, cut and form has taken him to the remotest corners of the Earth, and make his line of Lupin Gioielli jewelry truly one-of-a-kind. Try to define his style, and you’ll be rendered mute, for each piece is as unique as a woman herself, and that’s exactly the way Luca likes it.

A master goldsmith, Luca left high school for trade school at the age of 14, and quickly caught the attention of his professors for the complexity of his work and dexterity of the hand. No small feat for someone who never put pencil to paper. “I’ve never sketched a design,” he confesses. “I can’t even draw. All of my designs are in my head.” Combine Luca’s vivid imagination with the rarity of his gemstone collection, and it’s easy to see how Lupin Gioielli has grown by word-of-mouth from a one-man gig in his garage in Città di Castello, Umbria, into a bustling workshop and runway sensation.

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“Not all women are the same, so neither is our jewelry.” - Luca