#01-01: The Capeline
#01-01: The Capeline
#01-01: The Capeline
#01-01: The Capeline

#01-01: The Capeline

Made by Veronica Marucci in Paris, France


Color: Grey
Band: Burgundy

Sizing Guide Please check the sizing guide before you order.
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Our feminine statement upgrade to the classic capeline silhouette, with an unexpected and elegant cut out at the back. It's made of rabbit fur felt hat, wrapped in a silk grosgrain band. Handcrafted and entirely customizable.
Brim width: 11 cm (at side), 10 cm (front)
Band width: 4 cm
Hat height: 13 cm

Based on a 56cm size, the dimensions are as follows:

Front to back diameter length: 30 cm
Side to side diameter length: 39 cm
Protect The Capeline from rain and humidity and dust regularly with a dedicated brush.

Product Features

Crafted by Hand

100% Silk Grosgrain Band

Rabbit Fur Felt

Light Water Resistance

I believe that beauty is the courage to express yourself in an authentic way. -Veronica Marucci

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